Friday, November 6, 2009

It Is an Insidious Effect of the Patriarchy That a Heterosexual Male Feels He Has a Right to the Attention of Any Female He Finds Attractive

So let me say, first of all, that this is
Based purely on your visual appeal.
Your sense of style and lean lithe form says
That I should approach you and start my spiel.
Not that this is rehearsed, I have no plan.
I don't know your view or your politics
(God I hope you're not a Republican.)
But your brown eyes are enough to transfix
And make me want to fill in the blanks
For all of the things we have yet to share.
How loud can you laugh? What makes you give thanks?
What makes your happy? What makes you despair?
     I want to get closer and feel your flame.
     But I will just start with--What is your name?

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