Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh Hell Yes

It's time to get in way over our heads,
To rush face first into the blinding light
With the full force throttle of thoroughbreds
Making the leap, holding each other tight.
It's time to roll around in the dirt of
The garden of eden, fucking in filth
So precious you can trade it for true love.
Throw out all sense of shame, all sense of stealth,
They should be able to hear us coming
And know, when we arrive, that they'll witness
Passion so powerful hearts are humming
In anticipation of feeling this.
     We'll love each other with pyrrhic fury,
     And we won't stop 'till we turn to debris.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

She's Out There

I'm ready for the way that things will be
Once we have finally found each other.
I'm ready for the time we'll disagree
About the funniest way to bother
The missionaries at your door until
We finally compromise, deciding
That I'll wear the sequined thong and you will
Wear the gorilla suit. So stop hiding
In the potential and come out to play.
I'm ready for the inside jokes we'll share.
Ready to hold you as night becomes day.
Ready with the touch that will take you there,
      Remembering fondly when we first kissed.
     I'm ready to believe that you exist.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

I am gonna make it through this year, but
I really wish I wouldn't. It would be
Much easier to pass than to face what
Is waiting in that dark future for me.
I can't comprehend how I will make it
Through twenty to forty more years of this.
But I know that I'm unable to quit
Even though I've lost my last chance at bliss.
Day will follow day, night will follow night,
And I wil be thrust through them with the force
Of pure inertia, and all of my might
Won't be able to stop me on this course.
     Life is long, with poor resolution
     I just want a permanent solution.