Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Your Adventure

The adventure is laid out before you,
Like a table overflowing with the
Finest delicacies. A thousand new
Experiences wait so patiently
For you to take them on, make them your own,
To grow and be enriched in heart and soul,
Then come back home to find you are alone,
That those who stayed behind simply extoll
The virtues of exploring this great world
While staying locked inside their golden cage.
You are open, outstretched, while them are curled
Into themselves, unable to engage.
     You'll outgrow them, and you'll outgrow me, too.
     I weep, because I cannot be like you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bad Games

Running, his feet pound against the pavement
The sound of his sneaker soles slamming hard
Ground echos off the walls of this cement
Canyon, audible fear filling the yard
Predator instincts find them following
Drawing blades like claws, tasting the pursuit
Like the bile that his throat is swallowing.
They draw close, he tries to find a new route
But all that surrounds him now are the teeth
The blades, the clubs, the dark sound of laughter.
His eyes are drawn to the ground underneath
His feet. His thoughts are on the hereafter.
     He chose this, to be attacked and beaten.
     He became prey so he would be eaten.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Magic should never be taken seriously

I want to make something perfectly clear:
I am within my heart-of-hearts a true
Romantic, an absolutely sincere
Believer in the joy love can imbue.
But that doesn't mean I'm not a sinner
Or gatorade for lust -- the thirst quencher.
I don't want to take you out to dinner,
I want to take you on an adventure.
Let serious feelings give way to play
Because we know that pleasure will provide,
And we don't have to have something to say
To feel surprise and wonder deep inside.
     So follow me now and follow me quick,
     And I'll delight you like a magic trick.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I simply do not understand. What does
It mean when she looks at me with those eyes,
Like two circles of spinning green flame? Was
She saying she wanted me? Was it wise
To make a nonchalant comment, as though
It didn't matter at all, that I think
She shines like a wood nymph in full moon's glow?
Or was that a bit too much? 'Cause the blink
She gave, just a moment too long, seemed to
Indicate that it took her by surprise.
I think. I'm bad at reading signs, so who
Knows what she really thought. I know those eyes
     Are showing me the true state of her mind.
     But I don't understand, and so I'm blind.

     (Next time I'll ask her, and avoid this bind.)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Broken In

On an ideal summer day, we laid on
An ideal plain. The soft cool grass tickled
The back of your arm as the clouds were drawn
Into wild figures by our minds. I mulled
Over that moment on the day you left,
Remembering your warm breath on my neck
As I swept broken glass away, bereft
Of understanding. I was a huge wreck
For weeks after, trying to comprehend
Your mind, as though I could somehow change it.
But now I no longer need to pretend
The past can be undone, now I admit
     A true victory, not some token win.
     My heart is not broken, it's broken in.