Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Represent

She claims that I don't speak for anyone,
That I act out of pure self-interest.
But she can't see the way so many run
To take my side, to join me on my quest.
We're ready to find a way out of this
Swamp of suppressive shame, leaving behind
Those who would wallow in their own abyss.
We will evolve and become a new kind,
We'll use the gifts we've been blessed with, and leave
Ruined the hate that used to make us doubt.
We'll triumph, because of what we perceive.
Next time she says I'm alone, I will shout
     A truth that you can mount on your steeple,
     I represent the beautiful people.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Epicurean, Unbowed

I refuse to be a cautionary
Tale, an example of hedonism's
Dark consequences. Fate will not bury
My pleasures in comeuppance, no schisms
Will cleave me from those whom I care for most.
There is no shame in pursuing pleasure,
So tell your father, son, and holy ghost
That I have found my own earthly treasure
And I will continue to enjoy all
That this life has allowed me to receive.
So I will take this joy on the long haul
All the way to the grave, 'cause I believe
     Pleasure begets pleasure, joy begets joy.
     There's so much out there, so I won't be coy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

To the Better Man

I know you think you've claimed your prize, and I
Wish I could congratulate you on your
Victory. But I know the facts, and my
Heart simply cannot be brought to ignore
The way she quivered when she held me close,
Her pulse racing as those thin arms tried to
Capture desires she could only expose
In those secret silent moments the two
Of us shared. I know that passion frightened
Her. It was the first time she lost control.
Now she's with you, holding back the heightened
Passions she knows you can't stir in her soul.
     She chose you out of cold calculation,
     And that is no cause for celebration.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the Occasion of Your Triumphant Return

The distance of an ocean is far less
Significant today than in the past.
It doesn't feel far when you can express
Whatever's on your mind in a quick blast
That travels, instantly, around the globe.
And so I've read your thoughts, I've seen your art,
Your voice has echoed in my prefrontal lobe,
But I still felt your absence in my heart.
Because some things can only be conveyed
When we share the same air, stand face to face,
When I can see your subtle signs displayed
In ways cameras cannot capture or trace.
     No simulacrum will ever explain
     How it will feel to embrace you again.