Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Our kisses were like a chemical bond
Building, binding us together on a
Molecular level. It was beyond
Our understanding. Then it was gone, a
Flash of heat followed by separation.
And now what was so close is so obscure,
Like the signal from a distant station,
Buried by static, completely unsure.
I still crave you, and what we used to share.
I know because we still kiss in my dreams.
Building that chemical bond, unaware
That when I wake it will be to my screams.
     Don't wonder how I feel as you review
     The last sonnet I'll ever write for you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

After Good Bye

The power of her absence amazes
Me. I feel it like a vacuum in the
Center of my chest. Like empty gazes
Cast into the abyss. And now when she
Doesn't appear in my dreams all I feel
Is that sick sense that I'm missing something
Important, that I'm not able to deal
With a terrible truth. My ears will ring
With the silence of her voice not speaking
To me. My flesh will freeze from the cold lack
Of her touch. And I'm not even seeking
To fill this void. She's never coming back,
     And no one else could take her place to me
     So part of me will always be empty.