Thursday, May 29, 2008

Saturday Morning, Flipside

I got really fucked up at this party
And woke up the next morning with my arms
Around my love. The previous night we
We pilots, navigating past alarms
Faster than the speed of light, holding on
To each other as we danced and kissed and
Shared with a thousand other bright young fawns
Of midnight a moment to understand.
As I lie there in the morning, alone
And holding no one else, I opened my
Eyes and knew--I'm in love. I am my own.
And now, when I look myself in the eye
     I can see what many hide on the shelf,
     I am worthy of love. I love myself.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Change of Plans 1

The first time I felt the future, it shook
Me like an earthquake. With a tiny kick
I felt my strategies shatter. It took
My grand escape from me and I felt sick
As all the dead fantasies blew away.
With my hand on her belly I learned that
The world was no longer mine, that new day
Had dawned. My world had a whole new palette
From which I would paint our beautiful life.
Then there was blood on porcelain, panic
As the ambulance took her to the knife
That saved her. That ended the tiny kick.
     My stupid youthful plans in time returned,
     But after the future they only burned.

Monday, May 19, 2008


His mind is a razor, it cuts so clean
Even when the most unexpected thing
Happens he reacts like it was routine,
And all that he says has that perfect ring
Of spontaneity that simply won't
Be learned no matter how hard one may try.
Though he is an old and dear friend I don't
Pretend that he and I are peers. No, my
Mind does not operate on that level.
I will never be as comfortable
With myself as he is when we revel
And my self-worth will never be so full.
     But competition was never the plan,
     With his friendship, I am a better man.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sexy Beast

With shoulders broad and strong I will labor.
A beast of burden constantly striving
To accomplish something for my neighbor.
My body called to serve in my driving
Urge to make my mark on this world with sweat
And pain and muscle and anything that
I might have to give. I will make it yet.
Though don't think that I'm constantly at
Work, that labor is all that sustains me,
Because this beast of burden can partake
In powerful passion as well, you see.
And when I step and make the whole world quake
     I know that there's a secret, special pull
     Calling out--Will you try to ride this bull?


I am a moth, and with my dusty wings
I can explore my world. A tiny blur
That moves without intent around the things
In my environment. Then I see her
And everything is changed. She is the fire
That calls to me in the way she shines.
Her dance of flickering light can inspire
In this humble creature the greatest kinds
Of passion and desire. I am drawn in
And take to flight with but a single aim,
A great purpose that is realized when
I am consumed in her beautiful flame…
     Burning up, I have no other wish than
     To be a phoenix, and touch her again.