Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I want to change your world, to make magic
Out of ordinary occurrences,
My alchemy always arriving quick
And ready to delight all your senses
With wonders that will take your breath away.
I want to be your source of spectacle,
To bring you buckets of smiles every day
To toss with careless glee at the fickle
Forms of fate, fighting a losing battle
To sink our sky-high spirits. So come claim
Me quickly and continents will rattle
With the force of delight found in your flame.
     I want to bring you ceaseless jubilee
     In exchange for the joy you've given me.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Love

In the lonely moments of misspent youth
Much of my quiet contemplation was
Turned to the topic of love and the truth
Behind a question that gave me much pause--
What makes a great love? What thing separates
The spark shared between two souls from the flame
Found between two others? When you look at
It, is great love something you just can't name?
But the years have taught me much about fires
And now I know greatness so very well,
'Cause a great love is a love that inspires
It gives freely a desire to excel.
     It's why we are here, it's why we create.
     Ryan and Amy, what you share is great.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nice In Theory

Let me make this as clear as humanly
Possible--Guys, you aren't getting turned down
Because you are too nice. Oh no, you see,
When she says "You're a nice guy, but..." just drown
Out that part, it's filler anyways, and
Listen to what comes next--"...not interested."
Those are the words that matter. Don't demand
Some explaination. You weren't arrested,
You don't have a constitutional right
To know why. If you don't eat casserole
Does casserole get to bug you all night
While you try to pick up a sushi bowl?
     Let it go, remembering this advice--
     If you're annoying, that's not very nice. 

Friday, November 6, 2009

It Is an Insidious Effect of the Patriarchy That a Heterosexual Male Feels He Has a Right to the Attention of Any Female He Finds Attractive

So let me say, first of all, that this is
Based purely on your visual appeal.
Your sense of style and lean lithe form says
That I should approach you and start my spiel.
Not that this is rehearsed, I have no plan.
I don't know your view or your politics
(God I hope you're not a Republican.)
But your brown eyes are enough to transfix
And make me want to fill in the blanks
For all of the things we have yet to share.
How loud can you laugh? What makes you give thanks?
What makes your happy? What makes you despair?
     I want to get closer and feel your flame.
     But I will just start with--What is your name?