Friday, April 24, 2009

One Hour

I've given myself an hour to write
A proper sonnet in the English style
Of meter and rhyme. I'd like to delight
You with a cunning couplet that would dial
In to the very center of your mind
And provide the proper dénouement to
The well-laid setup that I have refined
Over the first mere dozen lines. So view
This hastily assembled string of words
And tell me if you think I got it right.
Will this only work for poetry nerds?
Or will others sympathize with my plight?
     I gave myself an hour for this rhyme,
     And now I'm done in only half that time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I wouldn't really say that we're lovers.
That word misrepresents the thing we share.
No, the term "competitors" best covers
What we are in the heat of our affair.
We face each other like athletes on the
Playing field, prepared to push ourselves to
The very brink of our ability
To come out on top. And so with each new
Encounter our minds flood with endorphins
As breath comes fast and hard. Our skin is flush
And sweat glows from your face as your mouth grins,
Wanting to see who'll be the first to gush.
     Remember, when you play this game with me
     Don't stop until you're screaming "Victory!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fat Lucifer

It's not going to work. No matter how
Much you want it, no matter how hard you
Try, you've set your sights on something that now
Lies too far outside your grasp. So see through
The absurd lies you've been told all your life
And recognize that there is no reward
For all your struggle, there is only strife
And minor victories to be ignored
By all the souls on Earth--they too must face
The failures that come every new day.
Give up your quest and abandon your chase.
Kill the ambition you choose to obey.
     You'll learn the truth when all your hopes shatter
     For when you fail, it won't even matter.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Test of Time

How will our passion stand the test of time?
Will you still want to rest your head on my
Chest and drift into a sleep so sublime
When you've woken so often to a sigh
Of contentment escaping from my lips?
Will we still roar and fuck and sway our way
Through our thousandth night just like when the tips
Of each others' fingers were an array
Of explorers, making maps of the sum
Total of the pleasure found in their quest?
I can't speak for the weeks and years to come,
Life's far too short to turn into a test.
     So take my hand and prepare to ignite.
     We are ready for the future tonight.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


If there's one lesson I've learned through the years
It's this--Always say "Yes" when you get asked
To do something by the girl who appears
At the party well after midnight, masked
By the wild flash of dance-floor lights on her
Designer dress and carrying a whole
Rainbow of pills with names that are a blur
Of consonants and numerals. The sole
Reply that must come out of your mouth if
You should see this rarest of specimens
Is "Sure, I'm down for that." And though the cliff
Diving at dawn may trash your camera lens
     And Tokyo raves may be tiresome, go
     Fearlessly into the dark night and glow.