Friday, December 18, 2009

Unfortunately, Dreams Do Come True

All my life I have wanted nothing more
Than to be wanted and desired. I dreamed
Of lusty gazes launched like bombs in war,
Exploding as they land on me. It seemed
The day when I was longed-for would never
Arrive. But then it did, and now I know
The heat of hearts that will do whatever
It takes to feel my fire and share my glow.
Now that my greatest dream has come in bloom
I'm finding its fragrance acrid and tart,
Because when someone wants you, you assume
The power to deny, to break their heart.
     So please know, when I deny you this kiss,
     I never wanted it to be like this.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Set It Free

Oh, the pure power of your potential
Pulls at my heart and stirs a strong sly smile
On my face, 'cause I see your essential
Excellence and envy your so-sweet style.
I know that you've yet to bring out your best,
That you've been dazzling us with mere play.
I want to see your skills made manifest.
I want to see you blow us all away
With wonders falling from your fingertips
Like confetti too numerous to count,
And there will be poetry on the lips
Of everyone as they try to account
     For what has just transpired, the majesty
     You will unleash when you set your self free

Friday, December 4, 2009

Heros Need Victims

I have a healthy and well-earned distrust
Of all those who want to be a hero
There's something sinister inside the lust
For "knight in shining armor" status. No,
It's not that I'm against saving the day,
But for you to be a white knight there has
To be a damsel in distress, okay?
Your glory springs from her danger, and as
Honest as your motives may be, you're still
Hoping someone else is put in a place
They can't escape without your help. So will
You let selfish fantasies die and face
     Reality? Those you would save become
     The tragic victims of your idiom.