Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Pursuit

They say a man is nothing if he is
Without a quest, that it is the drive to
Fulfill some goal that brings purpose to his
Existence. Now I don't know just how true
All of that is, but I'd like to recruit
You for an experiment: to see just
How fulfilling the true reckless pursuit
Of pleasure can be. Now as is discussed,
I must throw myself into this task with
Focus and intensity if I'm to
Make this night into the personal myth
Of struggle, triumph, and struggle anew.
     The look of bliss you'll wear is my treasure.
     Tonight, I exist to bring you pleasure.

Friday, July 3, 2009

As Far As You May Roam

I've let my anchor drop. I've found a fixed
Position in this world and I'm prepared
To stay a while. So though I sit transfixed
At all the tales of adventure you've shared,
And though you see tears betraying my eyes
When you begin to sing your travelers' prayer
And though you feel my wanderlust arise
Like spirits with passions too great to bear,
Do not ask me to join you on the road,
'Cause it will break my heart when I refuse
And say I've found the place to lay my load.
But I will keep it well for you, my muse
     So that you know, as far as you may roam
     You will always be welcome in my home.