Thursday, April 29, 2010

For N

You've got a smile that could jump-start engines
And a laugh that would make hell seem all right
If I heard it there. Now this just begins
The long list of all the ways you bring light
And joy like champagne bottles bring bubbles,
Flowing forth for everyone to enjoy.
You don't just make me forget my troubles,
I forget what the word "troubles" means. Toy-
Sized and terrific, I'm happy to say
That I've been blessed with the chance to spend time
In this world with a girl who makes the day
So much brighter, who is truly sublime.
     And since you shine like the sun at high noon,
     I'd like for us to get drinks sometime soon.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Consumed By

I don't know how to react anymore.
And I wouldn't even be able to
Fake it if I did. So when I saw your
Silhouette on the horizon I knew
My only option was escape. And so
I fled, flying fast from memories that
Played like a painful, perverse picture show
In my mind. The way we both saw combat
And called it love, our pitched battles that left
Nothing but casualties on every side.
All that we gained was the mutual theft
Of each other's happiness. So I hide
     Myself away until you have passed through.
     To avoid the fact that I still love you.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lamar Ped Bridge #1

I suppose I will write a sonnet. On
This bridge overlooking the beautiful
River, watching the rare midnight stroll drawn
Past my vantage point. Lovers in the full
And furious act of discovery,
Each new exchange giving another chance
To find that they are matched so perfectly,
To dream about the day they'll visit France,
And quickly walk away from the weird guy
Looking at them from the ledge. I can hear
The city's slumber, I can feel it lie
Down for a short break, to shake off the fear.
     And now the bridge asks, as I stand on it.
     Will I jump, or will I write a sonnet?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Belated for Her

You're an endless source of smiles, a fountain
Flowing free with waterfalls of wonder
Cascading like rivers from the mountain.
Your voice can bring my glee out from under
The darkest of clouds and cause it to soar.
And I know that I'm overstating things
Right now, making caricature of your
Grace, complicated and true. It still stings
When I consider that, if not for my
Misplaced desires, I might still be with you.
You've found happiness now, and I just sigh.
When you see me, just know this much is true--
     Of those whose love has pierced my heart's great wall
     You'll always be the fairest of them all.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fashion Plate

This is the outfit I've been waiting for.
The couture that can propel me from dull
And dreary to sharpest man on the floor.
The clothes that cause ladies to pause and mull
Their chances of getting me out of them.
Oh yes, they'd look as fine on your floor as
They do clinging to my form. From the hem
Of the pant leg, all the way up, it says
"I look better than you, I must admit."
So I approach my love, and with a wink
And a smile I allow her to take it
All in. Then I ask "Well what do you think?"
     She looks me over and says with a sigh,
     "That's a lot of purple for a white guy."