Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Love Letter I Shouldn't Write

This is the love letter I shouldn't write
A mistake in the making, each pen stroke
Sending me further out into a tide
That will swallow me. I'll go up in smoke
When I fall into your flame. I will waste
Away when I find no sustenance so
Sweet as the fine flavor that I can taste
On your lips. If you ask me, I will go
To the sun and mock it for not shining
As brightly as you. In your lightning storm
I'll stand taller to see silver lining
And if you strike me I will feel so warm.
     I hope you can hear this love that I shout,
     And I hope your boyfriend doesn't find out.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do Something

I know what I can do. I can feel the
Force of all my potential energy,
Like champagne waiting for its cork to be
Twisted just a touch so it can push free.
But so far that little twist hasn't come
I sit idle and unable to make
Use of what I have. I simply succumb
To my weaknesses and let the time take
Away my dreams, every second a thief.
Every minute a monster, consuming
My future as I sit in disbelief,
Too scared of the risk to begin blooming.
     I've got to do something. I've got to try.
     This is not the way that I want to die.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two Against One

They call me a wolf, and they aren't lying.
I never said I was anything else,
And I'll tell you right right now that I'm trying
To get you nude and pleasure all the cells
That have blessed the world by becoming you.
I want to put a smile on your face and
A wet spot on your sheets. You know it's true.
But what do they want, the couple who stand
So close to you, who try to put me down?
Yea they're your friends, but then so am I, and
They say they just want you to hang around.
They'll invite you home, like it wasn't planned.
     They share in my goals, they want the same fun.
     This isn't fair play, it's two against one.