Thursday, January 29, 2009


The way she danced to my heartbeat made heat
And steam rise to the heavens, and my pulse
Pumped breakbeats that shook the walls and made feet
Move with the power of pure white impulse.
And she shined singularly on the floor
Moving like melody to my rhythm.
Our eyes met and she saw I was the core
Of the night's strange sonic algorithm.
And so she took my hand like a clever
Thief grabs jewels, escaping out the door.
Outside, my heartbeat was loud as ever.
Frightened, she wasn't dancing anymore
     And my whole world is rattling apart,
     'Cause I don't know how to turn down my heart.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pet Sounds

I call you 'honey' and you call me 'pet'.
Those soft sweet terms of endearment flowing
From our mouths in whispered tones that have yet
To tire as our affections keep growing.
When passion overwhelms your history
And past heartbreaks seem only to abet
The rough new thing that is our mystery
I'll just ask you to keep calling me 'pet',
Because I'm not entirely sure that
I qualify as human anymore,
Curling up in the spot where you just sat
After I've lapped my shame up off the floor
     So if you hold me, I will be your pup.
     'Cause I love you, and that's pretty fucked up.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jill 1

Every time I hear the word 'NO', I get
A little bit more desperate to hear
Someone say 'YES'. I feel the growing fit
Tug on my mind, the pressure in my ear
Building from being denied what it needs.
I start to consider asking someone
Who I know won't deny me, and like weeds
The sickness spreads through my head. I'm undone
Quickly (my defenses mere illusion)
When I reach out to him. I'm disgusted
At the pride he takes in our brief fusion;
But he said 'YES' and I'm maladjusted.
     Now I'll say 'YES' to these pills and this gin.
     To sleep, and to never hear 'NO' again.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Poet's Hypocrisy

I can create a lovely song of joy
To describe how I feel when you are near.
I'll scribble notes like a nervous schoolboy,
Then sing them out for everyone to hear.
A seduction in verse, employing all
Of my verbal tricks, every metaphore
In my arsenal firing up the tall
Towers of your heart, knocking at your door.
And you reply, with composition and
Skill, that my efforts have won your day. You
Sing your song of joy, beautiful and grand.
But that is not what I want you to do.
     Actions, not words, are what keeps my heart fed
     Don't tell me you love me, show me instead.