Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Last Message

When you hawked Aunt Grace's heirloom bracelet
Even after your convincing show of
Sorrow after her death the whispered threat
To send you away floated like a dove
Into the dark, clear sky of our silence.
Letting you stay was an act of pure trust
Littered with false hope that the violence
Left in your history would not combust.
Only our trust was betrayed by hungry
Veins and angry fists that made our choice clear.
Even thru your tears everyone could see
You weren't sorry, so you're unwelcome here.
Only now we ask that you read the true,
Urgent message we have composed for you.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Dance

I'm dancing on a dark, cratered minefield
Like a child at his own birthday party,
Skipping, jumping, and twirling as the yield
Of high explosives eats its way through me.
And as the shrapnel flies through my fleshy
Core, scrap metal flung through a jello mold,
I'm lost in celebration. I don't see
The damage done. My eyes do not behold
My failing fragile frame, barely able
To continue my dance of abandon.
I leak blood and bile, crimson and sable
But I will dance on until I am done.
     And when that day comes and I dance no more
     My bones will collapse, but my soul will soar.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Somehow I had found myself encrusted
In amber and preserved a million years.
And in my suspended state I trusted
Nothing to no one, let no prying ears
Hear the sweet silent song my heart would sing.
I found safety in stillness, I let the
Eons pass in solitude, lingering
Ev'nings into twilight, and they left me
Unfazed, unmoved, without a single scratch.
But then the amber cracked and I was free,
And suddenly time was more than my match.
I aged, fell ill, and in time ceased to be.
     I broke free, I cast forever askew
     'Cause I wanted to make a mark on you.