Friday, June 25, 2010

The Gift

I was once given a gift. It was two
Days after we'd had a huge fight and she
Surprised me. Almost too good to be true.
Dumbstruck at what had been given to me.
It was, quite possibly, her greatest act
Of love, and I knew just how much it meant,
Or at least I thought I did. Now the fact
That I was given this gift will torment
Me until my dying day. I still wish
That she had never loved me quite that much.
But she did, so I eat the bitter dish
And try like hell to forget the warm touch.
     The reason that gift cuts me to the bone
     Is that I couldn't earn it on my own.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Plastic Wrappers

Little plastic wrappers litter the waste-
Basket that hides in the corner of my
Bathroom. Little plastic memories taste
Of all the times that came before goodbye,
When he and she and they and me let loose
All the passion that was hidden within,
The way the sunrise would always seduce,
Pulling at them once we'd satisfied skin,
Leaving behind only little plastic
Wrappers, the waste meant to be discarded.
I'd trade every one for the fantastic
Feeling of waking up in a shared bed,
     But no one will trade for all my excess,
     'Cause little plastic wrappers are worthless.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Each of us has a garden of eden
Hidden somewhere in the plains of our past.
There was a place and there was a time when
Happiness hit heavy and joy was vast.
Now your memories can barely contain
All of the laughter you shared, and so it
Spills out as a grin that you can't explain
To anyone who wasn't there. We get
Our time in eden, but that time must pass.
And once we leave we can never go back,
Never laugh like that, never feel the grass
Between our toes. That joy we'll always lack.
     I've stopped searching for eden, I've lost her.
     Now I search for something even better.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For M

The world is a hell of a lot better
Because there are people like you in it.
'Cause you're one of those souls that can set her
Mind to task and make the world get to it.
I'm certain that if you decided to
Make mountains move that in time we would see
The continents taking orders from you,
And if you decided that it would be
Better if the sun weren't so bright I'm sure
You'd find a way to get a dimmer switch
Installed in the sky. Your words are the cure
For apathy. You're a stone badass bitch.
     I know, from what you'd done and what you've said,
     There's an empire of awesome in your head.