Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Love

In the lonely moments of misspent youth
Much of my quiet contemplation was
Turned to the topic of love and the truth
Behind a question that gave me much pause--
What makes a great love? What thing separates
The spark shared between two souls from the flame
Found between two others? When you look at
It, is great love something you just can't name?
But the years have taught me much about fires
And now I know greatness so very well,
'Cause a great love is a love that inspires
It gives freely a desire to excel.
     It's why we are here, it's why we create.
     Ryan and Amy, what you share is great.


deliciousmelissa said...

this is really phenomenal. really.

Lance Hunter said...

Thank you so much. Ryan and Amy are really great and I was so happy to write something for them.