Saturday, May 1, 2010

13 Blessings

May you find joy in everything you do.
May all who greet you do so in good will.
May every word of praise you hear be true.
May you always have a dream to fulfill.
May your nights be known as legendary.
May all your days be completely worthwhile.
May pain only come when necessary.
And may its lessons never dull your smile.
May love always be able to find you.
May jealousy never darken your door.
May your rewards never be overdue.
May you create art too great to ignore.
     And many years after you cease to be,
     May people still smile in your memory.


ImpunityJainne said...

Psst! That should be "too great to ignore."

It's lovely. Perhaps I'm getting a little sappy with this pregnancy, but this sonnet seems like the perfect thing to paint all over the walls of the nursery, like blessings from the faeries in Sleeping Beauty.

Lance Hunter said...

Ah! Good catch. Fixed.

I'm glad you liked it. It's always nice to hear feedback on the poetry, and even better when it's positive.

ImpunityJainne said...

You're a very talented individual! I know poetry isn't the most popular form of expression these days, but I commend your dedication. I'd like to think that any sort of writing says volumes about the person who writes it; I really enjoy the way you process your reality.