Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Advice to the Heartbroken Young Woman of Austin Whose Relationship Has Just Come to an End.

I know that you feel sad, but don't succumb
To grief before you face all of your trials.
You have one week before you become chum
For all the the sharks who flash their fang-filled smiles.
These former friends will find when you're alone
At some social function, with flatteries
Like bold bludgeons they'll try to knock you prone
And have their way with you. Their batteries
Can only be recharged with energy
From broken hearts making a compromise,
New blood for incestuous synergy.
They'll strive to touch your heart between your thighs.
     They'll work the angles like you were a square.
     So know what lies before you and beware.

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ImpunityJainne said...

Wow. Pretty intense.